Maggie Smith is a writer, filmmaker, mother and human-rights activist. She's been schooled in the hallowed halls of Northwestern, University of Virginia and Cal State Los Angeles as well as the Vanagons, work trucks and early morning subways of Chicago, Asheville, and Los Angeles. A member of the WGA, Smith has adapted, co-written and executive produced the short-story collection, Spent Saints & Other Stories, as a 12-episode web series, as well as co-written and directed an award-winning documentary based upon the column Tucson Salvage. She and her screenwriting partner and husband, author Brian Jabas Smith, have three feature films in development. Maggie also has a forthcoming novel due out soon.

Maggie is also the Outreach Team Leader for the True Colors Community Food and Clothes Distribution at the Colby Olsen Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for issues that affect LGBTQ+ youth and seniors in our communities

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