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Silicon Alleys: Cinequest Films Give Voice to the Dispossessed

Gary Singh - Metro Silicon Valley

"During the event, a few people sauntered over from the computer area of the library and said they were in some sort of homeless or close-to-homeless situation. All implied they never get to tell their stories to empathetic listeners. Each one said he or she identified with those in Smith's film. A fantastic conversation then erupted, with some great back-and-forth taking place."

Heartland Grit Comes to the Bowery With A New Book and Doc, Tucson Salvage

Erica Commisso- Bedford Bowery

"Author Brian and his wife, filmmaker Maggie, offer powerful glimpses into the lives of Tucson residents, casting a light on their whole lives. Tales of homelessness, drug addiction, gang violence and assault haunt both the film and book, transcending time and location to remind readers and viewers that this is the landscape of many, many Americans. "

Brian and Maggie Smith: Tucson Salvage – The Book and Documentary

Tom Reardon - Java Magazine

"Smith captures a lyrical portrait of Tucson, speaking volumes about the lives of some of the city’s most interesting and often heartbreaking citizens..."

Making the invisible visible: Husband, wife tell stories of Tucson’s marginalized people

Emily Ellis - Herald/Review

"While Brian’s literary voice is strong in the written stories, the documentary is driven only by the words of several people who are also featured in the book... Maggie chose the stark filmmaking style, almost entirely absent of narration or music, in order to ensure that focus was placed squarely on the people featured"

Couple reveals empathy in ‘Tucson Salvage’ projects

Gabriel Granillo - Arizona Daily Sun

"Telling stories in the most honest and empathetic way is telling the truth..."

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